The following categories represent major design periods in American history.

To see what furniture & decorative arts pieces looked like during these time periods click the associated buttons.

There is so much more to discuss about this topic than what can be covered in a few photos. So the chapter gives presentations periodically on furniture periods & what influenced them. See our schedule for dates.

Jacobean (1607-1690) - Brought from Europe with the first Settlers, made of riven oak.

William & Mary (1690-1720) - A progression of design from the previous period, still mainly from oak but starting to use different woods.

Queen Anne (1720-1760) - Plain ornamentation, heavy use of the Cyma curve. more concentration on finishes,Walnut becomes primary wood.

Chippendale (1760-1785) - Era of elaborate carving, Mahogany is preferred, a refinement of Queen Anne, 1st period not named for a Monarch.

Federal (1785-1815) - The furniture of a new nation, Eagle appears everywhere, more slender & straight lined, inlay & veneer used frequently.

Empire (1815-1840) - Design craze inspired by Napoleonic ideas of Imperialism, designs have Romanesque look, extensive use of veneer.

Industrial Revolution (1840-1895) - Time of mass production that SAPFM does not focus on; Includes Victorian.

Craftsman (1890-1920) - Movement to return to quality hand made goods, anti-industrialism, simple comfortable designs.