Antique Appraisal

Mobile Japanese Garden Association

November 11, 2017

At this event we had numerous short session conducted by local people on various topics. We had a "Member's Gallery" where attendees could bring a piece they had built and discussed it. Some spoke about how they made it, things to be careful of, it's history, and so on.
The main event was by Nevin Heller an antiques dealer who specializes in the forms of the nineteenth century. He gave a presentation on how to look at a piece before buying, how to notice repairs, tell if it was real or not, etc. His presentation was followed by an appraisal session. Attendees were invited to bring a piece that they had questions about and Nevin gave them information about their piece and in some cases gave an appraisal.
This event was held at the hall of the Mobile Japanese Garden Association.
furniture 025.jpg
Ben Spice Box.jpg
Nevin Heller